Meet Our New Pastor!

Pastor Hinz grew up primarily in Michigan, the son of Lutheran School Teachers and eventually an LCMS pastor.  The family moved quite a bit, leaving one brother in Bloomington, MN, one sister in Chicago, IL, and another sister in Clinton TWP, MI.  Pastor Hinz attended Lutheran Schools from grade school all the way through Seminary.  He graduated from Concordia University River Forest (now Chicago) with degrees in Elementary Education and DCE certification.  He was called to serve Zion Lutheran Church in Mora, MN for seven years, where he met his bride, Jennifer.  He and Jen then moved to St. Louis for Seminary, and after 3 years of study and one year of Vicarage in Indiana, Pastor Hinz received a Divine Call to Zion in Alexandria, MN.  During this time, from vicarage through active pastoral ministry in Alexandria, Pastor Hinz’s family has grown with the births of their eldest son, Benaiah (age 12), second son Asher (age 7), and daughter Lydia (age 3).  Their house is active and they treasure their family and the blessings of “extended family” through the kingdom of God. 

Pastor enjoys sports, the great outdoors, movies, musicals, concerts, travel, learning, singing and experiencing many new things.  He has a desire to go back to school to study more fully the original languages, visit the Holy Land, and many more things!  Jen stays busy at home with children and operating her own business.  She enjoys movies, search word puzzles, connecting with people in person and in social media, and spending time with family.  Our boys, Ben and Asher, love Legos, Transformers, sports, and projects.  Ben loves to experiment, learn, hunt and fish.  Asher loves to run, draw, and eat chicken pasta.  And our little Lydia loves her dolls, being a princess, and her brothers.   

All together we are a very normal family who celebrates the life and love we are given in Jesus Christ our Lord. We look forward to our time with you; praying that our Lord Jesus bless us together as His people and use us as His witnesses. 

To God alone be all glory!